• Mini Consultation

    Determine Immediate Steps for Improved Health

    30 min


  • 1. Nutrition Intake Assessment

    Establish Goals and Personalized Dietary Plan

    1 hr 30 min


  • 2. Nutrition Follow-Up

    Maintain Progress and Address Challenges

    45 min


  • 3. Orthomolecular Testing

    Comprehensive Testing and Supplement Protocol

    2 hr


  • 4. Integrated Follow-Ups

    Supplement and Dietary Direction Ongoing

    1 hr


  • Subscription Holistic Family Care

    Monthly Check-ins for Holistic Guidance

    1 hr

    Subscription Only

  • Keto Reboot

    12 Week Step by Step KETO Transformation

    1 min


Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Have you considered a reboot?

I offer holistic, residential reboot services for those who've had a life or health crisis and have decided, as a result, to make transformational health changes. It could be a breakdown; an accident; depression; a frightening diagnosis; a major surgery; or loss and grief. Whatever the impetus, if you're ready to make a full commitment to transforming your life and health from the inside out, I invite you to come stay and learn with me. 


At any given time I have a maximum of 3 clients staying with me, each with private bedroom and en-suite. Each client receives the clinical orthomolecular services I offer my out-patient clients, but with the added benefit of a nutritionist directed diet, intensive 1:1 coaching, a peaceful, meditative environment, and the best in person-centred, integrative health care. Rates are $1500 per 2 week stay, with option to book up to 8 weeks. 

Clients interested can book a time to speak with me about their unique needs to discern goodness of fit and availability. 

Sandy Vendetti

I spoke to Miss Nonie here and she suggested a natural treatment and they (bedbugs) were gone after 2 treatments within a week. It was unbelievable! She also treated my niece's panic attacks when the doctors couldn't. I can't thank her enough!" (Read full review)

Lisa Jaques

My teen son was suicidal. Nonie was the only person who cured Ryan! Nonie told me he needed regular protein and specific supplements in quantities she recommended. Within 6 weeks he was totally well again! A year later he is still fine. I am so grateful. (Read full review)

Cassie LeClair

Nonie was able to figure out what I’ve been struggling with since as early as I can remember. Something that doctors haven’t been able to do my whole life. No doctor I've seen thought to look at diet. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. (Read full review)

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