What is the HOPE Protocol?

I define the treatment model I’ve created as HOPE:

  • Holistic

  • Orthomolecular

  • Preventative

  • Educational

vs DOPE:

  • Diagnosis driven

  • Overspecialized

  • Pharmaceutically managed

  • Emergency focused

To learn more about how this program is unique, or to learn more about what it can offer you or a family member who is mentally or emotionally unwell, c. A healthy, vibrant body and mind is our birthright. Let me help you and your family realize that potential!

An example of this is a person with ‘colitis’ and ‘eczema’. In the mainstream DOPE protocol, we see that by medical terminology they have 2 different diagnosed diseases, requiring 2 very specialized medications and physicians (or groups of medications/physicians) to manage the symptoms. More treatment is not given until the problem escalates to a point where it is intolerable and creates a health crisis.

The HOPE approach, on the other hand, emphasizes the whole person instead of dismantling people according to their sick parts. A holistic analysis in this situation is that this person has systemic inflammation that is expressing itself on the skin and in the colon, both epithelial cells. Both are also on the exterior of the body (the digestive tract is in fact, outside the inner of the body), indicating stage I of inflammation, which has not gone into deeper organs yet and, as such, interventions are likely to be very successful. Holistic also refers to using natural (vs synthetic) interventions to gently push the body to rebalance itself, instead of creating reliance on external measures to suppress the problem.

Orthomolecular means we look at how nutrient deficiencies and imbalances would help the body overcome this inflammation and how food choices can cause or reverse same. This particular example points to food intolerances, an imbalanced gut biome, and a need for dietary and supplemental interventions to reduce inflammation.

Preventative means we ensure that we address the body’s underlying tendency to express these symptoms. We do not suppress the expression, because that would just push the body to express it differently. Remember, this is holistic healthcare – the goal isn’t to get rid of the troublesome expressions of ill health. The goal is to correct the underlying imbalances so the body itself can overcome the problems it’s facing. Customized homeopathic and herbal interventions can be applied to help correct the body’s expression of disease on epithelial tissues.

Educational means the client is taught how these interventions will help them and how lifestyle choices and environmental factors culminate to create disease. The word doctor actually comes from the Latin noun, docere, which means “to teach.” It’s essential to teach clients healthy habits to help prevent further degradation of health and to make corrective measures lasting. Teaching how to prepare healthy foods that are enjoyable is an essential part of this. Knowing what you can’t eat does not help you figure out what you actually can make your family for dinner!

Simply put, I help people get to the root of their health issues, be they physical or mental.

My program offers individualized, scientific, treatment protocols, rather than relying on standardized symptom checklists. I use a variety of tests to ascertain the biochemical and nutritional imbalances and needs of each client, in order to ensure every person receives treatment specific to his or her unique needs. And, there is zero risk because this program can be safely used in conjunction with medications, should the client feel they are of benefit. I am happy to work with other medical practitioners involved and explain the processes I use to bring everyone to work harmoniously together for client health. This is particularly important in cases of complex disease.

To learn more about how this program is unique, or to learn more about what it can offer you or a family member who is mentally or emotionally unwell, contact me today. A healthy, vibrant body and mind is our birthright. Let me help you and your family realize that potential!

Sandy Venditti

I spoke to Miss Nonie here and she suggested a natural treatment and they (bedbugs) were gone after 2 treatments within a week. It was unbelievable! She also treated my niece's panic attacks when the doctors couldn't. I can't thank her enough!" (Read full review)

Lisa Jaques

My teen son was suicidal. Nonie was the only person who cured Ryan! Nonie told me he needed regular protein and specific supplements in quantities she recommended. Within 6 weeks he was totally well again! A year later he is still fine. I am so grateful. (Read full review)

Cassie LeClair

Nonie was able to figure out what I’ve been struggling with since as early as I can remember. Something that doctors haven’t been able to do my whole life. No doctor I've seen thought to look at diet. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. (Read full review)

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