Meditation on Becoming

During my meditation this morning (novice I confess) I was confronted with the realization that most of my adult life has been spent pushing and striving. Struggling. And it has been a defining element of my identity - so much so that it's difficult to lay down. But reflecting on this aspect of myself I realize that oak trees do not have to push and strive to become towering giants. Butterflies do not have to push and strive to be joy inducing little wonders of nature. Dogs do not push and strive to be loyal and loveable. They just become as they are, fully, by just being. There is no willpower or force needed.

What would I be without this compulsion to push and strive to what I perceive I need to achieve next? Am I not also programmed to be whatever it is I am meant to be? Is there a program in me that is waiting to download and run effortlessly, if I just move out of my own way?

The universe brings us exactly what we need to evolve and learn and become our best selves every day. I believe this. Have I been blocking this flow by my efforts to do it all for myself? I think maybe I have. If so, how do I transition from a place of pushing to a place of receiving? And how will that transform me?

I await the answer to unfold in me.


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