I was exhausted. I would sleep 10 hrs a night and another 3-5 a day and slam coffee to function. I had arthritis that was triggered by the coffee - but I needed it. Even in my 30's my skin was never clear; I had chronic UTI's and PCOS, and severe depression with mood swings. My salt and sugar cravings were awful. I never knew what brain fog was till after it was gone - it was just normal for me.

 When I was diagnosed with a tumour I decided to stop playing around and really dive in. 

I feel like I woke up for the first time...

can you relate to these testimonials?

Hi, I'm Nonie De Long, founder of HOPE Health and creator of the Mood and Metabolism Reset. And I'm also the first testimonial in the slides above!
But my journey with food as medicine actually didn't start there. It started about 11 years earlier, when I was seeking - and found - something to help my very ill child. That's how long it took me to crack the code.
What code? Well, to figure out what it was about the interventions we (Dr. Abram Hoffer and my son and I) employed that was so transformative and why, and how to duplicate the results we had for others suffering with their mental health.
To explain properly, I'm going to have  to share a bit of our story...

Sandy Vendetti

I spoke to Miss Nonie here and she suggested a natural treatment and they (bedbugs) were gone after 2 treatments within a week. It was unbelievable! She also treated my niece's panic attacks when the doctors couldn't. I can't thank her enough!" (Read full review)

Lisa Jaques

My teen son was suicidal. Nonie was the only person who cured Ryan! Nonie told me he needed regular protein and specific supplements in quantities she recommended. Within 6 weeks he was totally well again! A year later he is still fine. I am so grateful. (Read full review)

Cassie LeClair

Nonie was able to figure out what I’ve been struggling with since as early as I can remember. Something that doctors haven’t been able to do my whole life. No doctor I've seen thought to look at diet. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. (Read full review)

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