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I'm sure you've tried many things already if you suffer with mental illness.
Let me tell you why this is different.


My introduction to Canada’s mental health system came over 20 years ago when my then 7 year old son was diagnosed mentally ill and mainstream psychiatry failed us. With their “treatment,” which included institutional care and interventions like secure isolation, indiscriminate drugging, mental and physical abuse, parental alienation, and restraint beds, my son became increasingly violent, hostile, morbid, and uncontrollable. He developed the beginnings of psychosis and required 2:1 staff most waking hours for safety. 

That’s when I found the late Abram Hoffer's orthomolecular psychiatry. I flew my son to see him and overnight it changed our lives. Literally. With guidance around dietary restrictions my son was different overnight.


The incessant violence, body rashes, cold sores, night terrors, morbid obsessions, his inability to sit or learn or take direction improved such that within a month he was a drastically different kid. He became happier, more balanced, and able to engage in reality more. The improvements continued over years with supplements, in-home supports, and continued dietary interventions. He went on to be an honour roll student by grade 9, where he was voted most friendly kid in the school. 

This boy that used to go into such rages at school that other kids asked teachers if he "had rabies" was now a model student that teachers were delighted to teach! Even today, as long as he follows his diet and maintains his supplements and sleep schedule the psychosis and mood swings stay at bay. But when he lets those slide, it's a different story. And I see this confirmed over and over in clients with mental illness. However, the foods most people think they should eat for mental wellness - even the hospital dieticians I've met - are woefully misguided.

Dr. Hoffer has since passed. The therapy he used - orthomolecular psychiatry - was never adopted by the mainstream medical establishment - despite the highest standards in clinical and research data. Psychiatrists today are taught that pharmaceuticals and electro convulsive therapy are the gold standard in mental health. But I've observed incredible harm to clients from these "therapies." Clients are often unable to find relief from symptoms and continually fighting the side effects of these therapies with yet more medications. After some time it's difficult to know what's causing their suffering. Is it the drugs or the illness? And many of these drugs are very difficult to taper off of.

But there is another way. It's called orthomolecular nutrition and it combines dietary and lifestyle measures with Dr. Hoffer's approach - supplementing nutrients in therapeutic doses - according to each client's specific biochemical needs. It's safe, scientific, and can improve outcomes greatly. 

Via my clinic I offer the care I wish had existed when I went looking for help for my son. It's the culmination of over 10 years of study in four disciplines (holistic nutrition, orthomolecular psychiatry, herbal medicine, and classical homeopathy) and incorporates knowledge I've taken from all four. 



It's hard to believe until you've experienced it, but the right foods can make a very fast, very profound impact on brain health. Food really is medicine! And there are specific foods that make better MOOD FOOD than others. And no! It's not vegan or tasteless speciality food. You'll learn about this in the comprehensive nutrition program that each client gets when they sign up. But that's only the starting point...




Where other programs use a one size fits all approach, this program includes comprehensive blood and hair analyses, which guides your personalized supplement protocol, uniquely addressing your individual food intolerances, nutrient imbalances, gut biome, and hormonal needs. Then we explore herbal remedies and homeopathic drainage for improved detoxification and organ function. Each client receives a 1:1 appointment of 45 minutes each month in addition to an accessible group forum. 

5 Simple Steps

learn about MOOD FOOD and how to incorporate it into your life one meal at a time



test to determine your food intolerances and any areas of imbalance or burden in the body



order your supplements and follow the personalized protocol recommended for you



make small lifestyle changes one step at a time and learn how to use herbs to detox



regular online support forum and monthly 1:1 appointments for continued support




Is it for you?

The program has been designed to improve brain and gut health, mood swings, AD(H)D, depression, bipolar, schizophrenias, dementia/Alzheimer's, seizures, anxiety, PTSD, caregiver burnout, menopausal mental health issues, and children's behavioural health issues. In addition to these the program may also help with appetite regulation, cravings, energy, sleep, digestion, blood sugar regulation, skin and hormonal health, and weight loss - if these are needed. However, the program is not suitable for those with addictions or eating disorders.


Is it safe if I'm using medications? 

Yes, the program is safe because the foundation is proper nutrition for brain health. Nothing is safer than food as medicine! Where certain medications cause contraindications with foods they will be listed in the course. Part of your onboarding will be a list of current medications to ensure after testing that there are no contraindications with any of your supplement recommendations.


How do I access it? Do I need a to be tech savvy?

The program is delivered online in English, but doesn't require sophisticated computer skills to use. Prompts will come to your email with links to view your lessons, access your protocols, and join the meetings. Files can be downloaded if you prefer paper copies. Your specific professional grade supplements are placed in your cart for you to easily order and have drop shipped to your home.


What if I'm not clear on my diagnosis?

There may be reasons to have a diagnosis, but this is not one of them. The program works for mental health issues, regardless of diagnosis because the underlying health issues are the same.


Why is it a 4 month program?

It took time to get this ill and it will take time to rebuild your mental health. This program isn't a band aid fix. It helps mental health disorders by addressing the root imbalances that drive brain inflammation and nervous system dysregulation. Targeting root causes takes longer than suppressing symptoms. But that doesn't meant you won't see an improvement early on! Often clients see improvements in the first 6 weeks. Although it takes time, every step of the program is broken down to be simple and easy to follow, with a clear blueprint from the start. 

When does it start?

The course starts when you sign up. From that time you will have access to the online materials for 1 year. It's highly recommended to follow the program timeline for best results, but you can take as long as you need within that year to finish it. If you follow along weekly you will receive all instruction in 4 months, along with your 1:1 appointments. 


How much does it cost?

The cost is C$2780 for the entire 4 month program, including all classes, all testing, your personal health report, and four 1:1 video appointments. You will be asked for a non-refundable deposit of C$500 when you book and I will process the rest of the payment when I contact you to set up your appointments. Supplements are an extra expense to factor in. Veterans can access the program for the cost of testing. Please contact me to inquire.

You won't be doing this alone! The group forum will help answer questions and provide support, as will our 1:1 appointments!  Sign up with a friend for added support! If you're not sure it's for you book a call with me and we can discuss your needs.


  • A 1:1 intake appointment

  • Onboarding with goal setting and directions for testing (physician requisition required; your physician or lab may charge for this service)

  • Access to a secure online portal where you can access all your materials, track your symptoms and metrics, and post any questions you have 24/7

  • Dietary guidance, broken down step by step, meal by meal 

  • Recipes and recommended recipe apps

  • Weekly lessons to explain the lifestyle and dietary principles (4 months total)

  • Functional analysis of your test results with a comprehensive report

  • Your second 1:1 appointment

  • Personalized supplement recommendations from your report

  • Drop-ship supplement delivery

  • Online group support forum to answer questions in a way that benefits everyone

  • Third 1:1 appointment

  • Guidance to balancing the gut biome and making home fermented foods

  • Gudiance using homeopathic and herbal detoxification products 

  • Fourth 1:1 appointment


**Extra 1:1 coaching sessions are available for an extra fee if you feel you need them

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