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Lifestyle counseling

Food isn't like medicine. Food is medicine.
Learn how to use it to create better health &
reduce your need for medications. 


My introduction to Canada’s mental health system came over 20 years ago when my then 7 year old son was diagnosed mentally ill and mainstream psychiatry failed us. With their “treatment,” which included institutional care and interventions like secure isolation and indiscriminate drugging, he developed the beginnings of psychosis and required 2:1 staff most waking hours for safety. 

That’s when I found the late Abram Hoffer's orthomolecular psychiatry and it changed our lives. With guidance around dietary restrictions and specialized supplementation, my son was different overnight. Literally - overnight.


I've since treated many children and adults who, like my son, were medicated for mental health issues that could be traced back to nutritional imbalances. I've also helped families address the imbalances causing ear infections, low immunity, eczema, psoriasis, acne, migraines, arthritis, auto-immune conditions, ADHD, behaviour problems, learning disabilities, impulse control issues, food intolerances, digestive issues, type II diabetes, obesity, PTSD, UTIs, cystitis, yeast infections, edema, seasonal allergies, rhinitis, chronic fatigue, atherosclerosis, burnout, lactation, pregnancy, and infant problems - all using gentle nutrition, herbals, and homeopathics. These can be used alongside medications, or as a natural alternative where side effects make medications unsatisfactory and/or there is a desire to treat the root cause. 

Nutritional therapies are safe, scientific, and can improve outcomes greatly. This is what I practice. I invite you to contact me if you or a family member are suffering and looking for a more natural alternative.

Via my clinic I offer the care I wish had existed when I went looking for help for my son. It's the culmination of over 10 years of study in four disciplines (holistic nutrition, orthomolecular psychiatry, herbal medicine, and classical homeopathy) and incorporates knowledge I've taken from all four. 



After your intake appointment you will be placed in a nutrition program. It's hard to believe until you've experienced it, but the right foods can make a very fast, very profound impact on health. Food really is medicine! You'll learn about this in the comprehensive nutrition program I've created. But that's only the starting point...




Where other programs use a one size fits all approach, I recommend comprehensive blood and hair analyses to guide your personalized supplement protocol, uniquely addressing your individual food intolerances and nutrient imbalances. You will be guided through this process with tests that can be done at home and through your doctor. Most tests should be done on a yearly physical and are not difficult to access. 

5 Simple Steps

online video appointment to discern your specific needs, symptoms, and medical history



learn about MOOD FOOD and how to incorporate it into your life one meal at a time



test to determine your food intolerances and any areas of imbalance or burden in the body



order your supplements and follow the personalized protocol recommended for you



1:1 appointments along the way to ensure you have the support you need




Is it for you?

My program has been designed to help people looking to use food and herbals to improve their health. If you are uncertain if it will benefit your specific condition, reach out. However, the program is not suitable for those with addictions or eating disorders. (For a referral to a nutrition specialist in eating disorders, send me an email.) Addiction treatment is specialized and best done with a multi-disciplinary team.


Is it safe if I'm using medications? 

Yes, the program is safe because the foundation is proper nutrition for health. Nothing is safer than food as medicine! Where certain medications cause contraindications with foods they will be itemized. Part of your onboarding will be a list of current medications to ensure after testing that there are no contraindications with any of your supplement recommendations.


How do I access it? Do I need a to be tech savvy?

My services are delivered online in English, but don't require sophisticated computer skills to use. Prompts will come to your email with links to view your lessons, access your protocols, and join meetings. Files can be downloaded if you prefer paper copies. Your specific professional grade supplements are placed in your cart for you to order and have drop shipped to your home with ease.


What if I'm not clear on my diagnosis?

There may be reasons to have a diagnosis, but this is not one of them. The program works to build health, regardless of diagnosis, because the underlying health issues are the same. If you are uncertain about your condition, reach out.


Why is it a 4-6 month program?

It took time to get this ill and it will take time to rebuild your health. I teach you how to help your health disorder by addressing the root imbalances that drive brain and body inflammation and nervous system dysregulation. Targeting root causes takes longer than suppressing symptoms. But that doesn't mean you won't see an improvement early on! Often clients see improvements in the first 4-6 weeks. Every step of my process is broken down to be simple and easy to follow, with a clear blueprint from the start. 

When does it start?

The course starts when you sign up. From that time you will have access to the online materials for 1 year. It's highly recommended to follow the program timeline for best results, but you can take as long as you need within that year to finish it. If you follow along weekly you will finish more quickly. You can shedule your 1:1 appointments when you need support or are ready for the next step.


How much does it cost?

The costs are: (in CAD)

$120 for 1:1 intake appointment (60-90 minutes)

$280 for my 8 week MOOD FOOD nutrition program

$360 for my 12 week CRASH COURSE KETO nutrition program

$860 for all testing and functional report with 1:1 appointment and supplement guidance

$100 for my gut biome and fermentation course

$120 for follow-up appointments (45 minutes)

You will be billed only for the parts of the program that you use, as you use them. To start, book your intake appointment. Supplements are an extra expense to factor in. Veterans can access the program for the cost of testing and supplements alone. Please contact me to inquire.


  • A 1:1 intake appointment

  • Onboarding

  • Access to a secure online portal where you can access all your materials, track your symptoms and metrics, and post any questions you have 24/7

  • Weekly lessons to explain the dietary principles (8-12 weeks total)

  • Recipes and recommended recipe apps

  • 1:1 nutrition follow-up to answer questions

  • Testing

  • 1:1 appointment to discuss your test results and get your functional report

  • Personalized supplement recommendations from your reports

  • Order supplements online with drop ship delivery

  • 1:1 appointment to ensure progress and answer any questions

  • Guidance to balance the gut biome and access or make fermented foods 

  • 1:1 appointments as needed to keep you on track

Calorie Count

Online Booking

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