About Nonie

Mother and Son


I came to understand the value of nutrition when my only child became seriously ill and mainstream medical care failed us. By the tender age of 4 my son was extremely violent, obsessive, tangential, and incapable of learning or self-regulation. The best behavioural interventions didn't seem to help him and he was unable to attend school or enjoy normal activities. At the age of 7 was given his first mental health diagnosis. After psychiatric interventions, at the age of 9, he was much worse and diagnosed schizo-affective.


The medical "treatment" he received included punitive, Draconian institutional care and a "cocktail" of medications I was demonized for refusing as a first solution. I couldn't believe this was Canada's mental health system. Seeing the deterioration in my son's health, I dug my heels in. I fought for a more holistic prescription and secured intensive in-home supports. They created a safe starting point and much needed help for me, but they weren't enough to turn my son's condition around. That's when I found the late Dr. Abram Hoffer and his orthomolecular psychiatry. I flew my son across Canada to see him and within weeks his vitamin and nutrition therapy transformed my son - and our lives - and drew me in.


Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner

ROHP, RNCP are designations given by the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants to qualified professionals that specialize in maintaining or restoring biochemistry for optimal health. Nonie holds her designation as an ROHP and RNCP and is fully insured.


Member: Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals

CAHN-Pro is a national association for the accreditation of holistic nutritionists. All its members are required to continually upgrade and maintain professional insurance. Nonie is a member of CAHN-Pro and has contributed to their client newsletter.


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

The Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program trains medical/ nutrition practitioners to investigate the underlying causes of health complaints to appropriately direct holistic therapeutic interventions. Nonie is currently completing this program as part of her upgrading.


Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Health Sciences

DMHMS is the designation reserved for graduates of the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine, a 3 year degree consisting of over 1000 hours of homeopathy, exceeding requirements for certification with CHO. Nonie is in the internship phase of her degree at OCHM

Non-Profit Management

YEDI Schulich School of Business

Nonie holds a professional certificate from the University of Western Ontario in non-profit management (2005), and is a graduate of the non-profit incubator program from YEDI and the Schulich School of Business (2021).


Bachelor of Human Justice 

The School of Human Justice is a distinct program within the University of Regina, Saskatchewan where Nonie received undergraduate studies in writing, literary criticism, humanities, social justice, and community development. 

Director Orthomolecular and Nutritional Services

Canadian Health Recovery Centre

Nonie served as the founding Director of Orthomolecular and Nutritional Services for the Canadian Health Recovery Centre in Peterborough, ON, where she developed Canada's first orthomolecular nutritional treatment program for holistic, in-patient, addiction treatment. 

Health Writer

Ask the Nutritionist Column

Nonie is a published health writer, with a syndicated weekly "Ask the Nutritionist" column. Nonie has experience writing content for newspapers, web, and academic publications, including nutrition notes for an award winning Canadian cookbook.

Executive Director

HOPE Health Clinic

Nonie runs an online health clinic and herbal apothecary, HOPE Health, through which she offers she offers holistic healthcare for body and mind. She is working on a project to make holistic mental healthcare more accessible for vulnerable peoples.