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Certified Nutritional Practitioners (CNP) are graduates of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. To recieve a diploma graduates complete 19 courses at campuses throughout Canada, which also include a 100 hour co-op program. IHN's program is the most comprehensive, in deth, and intense in-class nutrition program offered in Canada. The courses range from metabolism to herbalism to pathology to biochemistry to principles of Ayruvedic nutrition. Nonie has her CNP with first class honours (4.10 GPA). She completed her studies in 2012.


The Canadian Association of Nutrition Professionals is a national assocation for the accredation of holistic nutritionists. They work to advance the field of holistic nutrition in both private and public sectors. CAHN-Pro establishes industry standards, conducts and disseminates nutrition research, and supports members through ongoing education and mentorship initiatives. All its members are required to continually upgrade and maintain professional insurance. Nonie is a member of CAHN-Pro and regular contributer to their client newsletter.


Registered Orthomolecular Heatlh Professionals and Registered Nutritional Consulting Professionals are designations given by the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC) to qualified healthcare professionals that specialize in maintaining or restoring biochemistry for optimal health. All professional memebers are required to hold liability insurance and upgrade their education annually. A ROHP RNCP will introduce new dietary habits and personalized supplement programs for clients. Environmental factors, metal toxicity, food sensitivities, and gut biome imbalances are factors among others that they are qualified to assess and address. Nonie holds her designation as an ROHP and RNCP.


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) is the certification for functional medicine practitioners who have successfully completed the post graduate Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program of study. The purpose of FDN is to help people investigate the underlying causes of health complaints to appropriately direct holistic therapeutic interventions. When data from relevant lab work is correctly interpreted, along with symptom markers, the areas that need healing are revealed at their root. Practitioners do not diagnose disease, but spot risk factors to help reverse risk early and naturally. Everything they do is science and evidence based. Nonie is finishing her programming to attain her FDN designation.


Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Health Sciences (DMHMS) is the designation reserved for graduates of the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine. This non-profit College of Homeopaths of Ontario (CHO) accredited school offers the most comprehensive homeopathic education available in Ontario since 2001; a 4.5 year degree condensed into 3 years or 9 semesters, consisting of over 1000 hours of homeopathy and sciences, with a unique clinical internship. Their medical and health sciences courses are taught by medical doctors and PhD's and are more extensive than any other homeopathic school in Ontario, exceeding requirements for board certification. Graduates are qualified to become certified with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario (CHO) and the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) to practice in the USA. Ontario is the first province in Canada to insitutute Homeopathy as a Regulated Health Profession. OCHM was instrumental in bringing this about. Nonie is in the internship phase of her degree at OCHM. She welcomes clients who want to see her for a reduced fee through the college while she is still a student.

Not-For-Profit Management

Not-For-Profit Management is a 1-2 year professional certificate from the University of Western Ontario that covers most of the aspects of non-profit operation, including governance, grant writing, fund-raising, event planning, best practices, volunteer management, public relations, and social enterprise. Nonie completed the professional certificate in Not-For-Profit Management in 2005.


The Bachelors of Human Justice is an undergrad degree from the School of Human Justice in the Univeristy of Regina, Saskatchewan (URegina). This program offers students the opportunity to explore justice related studies. Nonie's was an interdisciplinary program of study, focusing on social justice and community development issues. Nonie has a strong foundational education in interdisciplinary social justice and community development issues from her time at URegina.

Director Orthomolecular and Nutritional Services

Nonie served as the founding Director of Orthomolecular and Nutritional Services for the Canadian Health Recovery Centre in Peterborough, ON, where she developed Canada's first orthomolecular nutritional treatment program for holistic, in-patient, addiciton treatment. The Centre continues to offer integrative addiction treatment that can't be found anywhere else in Canada.

Health Writer

Nonie has been writing since grade school and is a health writer with a weekly column in the Newmarket/ Bradford Today online publications. She also has regular content in CAHN-Pro client newsletters and developed the nutrition notes for the award-winning Canadian cookbook, from Pemmican to Poutine.

Director, HOPE Health

Nonie runs a clinic, HOPE Health, from her home in Bradford, ON, where she offers holistic healthcare for mind and body, utilizing her HOPE Protocol.


My name is Nonie De Long (no nee) and I’m a licensed orthomolecular nutritionist, currently finishing a degree in homeopathy. I run a health clinic and apothecary out of Bradford, Ontario, just north of Toronto, where I offer science-based, holistic healthcare for body and mind. I have a special interest in holistic mental health care, and I help clients address their health problems from the roots. 


I came to understand the value of nutrition when my only child became seriously ill and mainstream medical care failed us. By the tender age of 4 my son was extremely violent, paranoid, obsessive, tangential, and incapable of learning or self-regulation and by 7 was given his first mental health diagnosis. It was shattering.


He was unable to attend school or enjoy normal activities and prescribed pharmaceuticals not tested for use in children that only made him more ill. By 9 he was diagnosed schizophrenic - no bipolar - no defiant - no schizo-affective - no Asperger's. Diagnoses were given out like candy with no treatment plan except bottles of pills I was demonized for refusing as a first solution. When I insisted on practical behavioural treatments and supports as well, I was attacked by the Children's Aide Society. This, I came to understand, is not unique. Out of this struggle, however, I secured in-home supports unheard of in my community. But they were not enough to turn my son's condition around.

That's when I found the late Dr. Abram Hoffer and his orthomolecular psychiatry. I flew my son to see him. Within weeks it transformed my son - and our lives - and drew me in.

I have since devoted almost 15 years to the study of orthomolecular nutrition. To that I now add studies in herbalism, functional diagnostics, and soon, a degree in homeopathy. 


I operate a clinical practice from Bradford, just north of the GTA, where I use these holistic interventions to help clients overcome complex mental and physical health issues. I offer both out and in-patient coaching. My intervention took kit includes: 

  • lab work-ups, including serum and hair assessments as needed to help assess underlying causative factors for poor health

  • guided, professional supplementation for balancing

  • custom herbal teas and tinctures

  • therapeutic enemas

  • classical homeopathy and custom remedies (under supervision of my college until licensed)

  • client specific dietary instruction, including meal plans and cooking classes, with close 1:1 support

Other projects I've undertaken include collaboration and co-authorship of an award-winning cookbook, creating the orthomolecular/ nutritional programming for Canada's first orthomolecular residential addiction treatment program (Canadian Health Recovery Centre), and writing for professional and local publications, such as the Ask The Nutritionist weekly column in the Bradford and Newmarket Today publications.


My son's sad experiences as a mental health consumer, coupled with prior university studies in community development and social justice issues, have given me a unique passion for the enduring systemic troubles associated with mental healthcare in Canada today. As a result, my vision has become creating a truly integrative and supportive mental health care system to facilitate not just better healthcare, but dignity and quality of life for those vulnerable people troubled by mental illness and brain injuries in our society. 


I’m inspired by the growing presence of like-minded, holistic peers across the globe and the headway they are now making. Too, I’m excited by the number of physicians now with open minds about the role of integrative and preventative medicine in healthcare. Working together only stands to improve patient care and outcomes, and I’m eager to pioneer a new model of collaboration going forward. 

If you are thinking of trying holistic / integrative healthcare for yourself or a loved one or you would be interested in adding my services to your medical practice to improve patient outcomes, I invite you to contact me. It would be my pleasure to take that journey with you. Namaste!


“I have been a patient of Nonie's for almost 5 years. Before that I was diagnosed mental illness because the grief of divorce. I also had severe skin disorder. I want to stress SEVERE. Going to doctors 30 years no improvement for it but increasing pills. I decides too try Nonie she helped me. Psoriasis gone in months. Pics to prove it. Mood stable feel I'm living again. No desire to drink or eat sugar. Most important thing she made me feel I am not mentally ill. I can't eat unhealthy is all. I had diabetes later and hospitalized because I slipped and she did it again turned it around. I got my life back eating proper food and taking a slam amount of supplements. Now have a disease free and happy healthy life!” 

—  Sandy MacKay Hawthorne March 2020

Sandy Venditti

I spoke to Miss Nonie here and she suggested a natural treatment and they (bedbugs) were gone after 2 treatments within a week. It was unbelievable! She also treated my niece's panic attacks when the doctors couldn't. I can't thank her enough!" (Read full review)

Lisa Jaques

My teen son was suicidal. Nonie was the only person who cured Ryan! Nonie told me he needed regular protein and specific supplements in quantities she recommended. Within 6 weeks he was totally well again! A year later he is still fine. I am so grateful. (Read full review)

Cassie LeClair

Nonie was able to figure out what I’ve been struggling with since as early as I can remember. Something that doctors haven’t been able to do my whole life. No doctor I've seen thought to look at diet. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. (Read full review)

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